These rugged little weights offer a helping hand to keep things in place! No metal pieces to rust or scratch. TarpSmarts
® can be used virtually anywhere. Fast, easy, dependable! Fill with sand & attach in seconds!

TarpSmarts® are constructed in North Dakota and great pride is taken in their sturdy and meticulous craftmanship. Should there be a problem with the construction of your TarpSmarts®, simply contact us and we give you our word we'll make it right!

Key Benefits

  • No more rubber straps or cords to lose or untangle.
  • No more scratches from the metal ends of the straps or cords
  • No worries about where to hook the rubber straps or cords.
  • Sturdy blue nylon or Advantage Timber® Camouflage.
  • Removable and reusable! TarpSmarts® are earth friendly!
  • Great for:
      • tarping boats, in or out of the water,
      • cars and trailers,
      • pools
      • wood piles
      • dog kennels (To keep your dog comfortable in the hot summer months, place tarp on top of kennel and attach TarpSmarts® to tarp and kennel. To block the cold winds during the winter months, place tarp on the side of the kennel and attach TarpSmarts® to tarp and kennel)
      • seeders
      • recreational vehicles (snowmobiles, ATVs, etc.)
      • keeping gardens and flower beds frost-free
      • lawn furniture.
  • Keeps in place:
      • garbage cans and lids
      • picnic items
      • blueprints
      • camping gear
      • beach gear and more!

  • The possibilites are endless!



Product Code
Single/Each ( Original )
Single/Each ( Camouflage )

As of yet, we cannot accept credit card payments; however, we do accept PayPal.

Please add $3.50 for priority mail shipping up to and including 20 bags; $5.50 up to and including 40 bags, 40-60 bags $7.50. Any order over 60 bags is $10.00.

We are confident that our customers will use TarpSmarts® for their intended purpose. The proper amount of TarpSmarts® must be used for the size of the item that is to be held in place. Due to the wide variety and conditions, TarpSmarts® cannot be held responsible for any damages that may be incurred due to improper use.